Sunday, October 18, 2015


Ghazipur is a district of Uttar Pradesh state in northern India. The city of Ghazipur is the district headquarters. The district is part of Varanasi Division. The region of Ghazipur is mainly famous for production of its unique rose scented Spray called Gulab Jal and for the tomb of famous Viceroy of British India Lord Cornwallis who died here and his tomb which is situated in Western part of City is conserved by Archaeological Survey of India.The opium factory "Government Opium and Alkaloid works" situated in Ghazipur city is the biggest opium factory of Asia.

Ghazipur is famous for its opium factory, which is the largest legal opium factory in the world, started by British East India Company in 1820. It is home to handloom weaving and a perfume industry. The town is an important agricultural market.

History of Ghazipur :
The history of Ghazipur since the days of its traditional foundation by sayid Masood in 1330. According to legend the ancient name of city was Gadhipur.The mound found  in the city may be old dispensary stood is said to be the site of ancient mud fort , that is know as Fort of Raja Gadhi. In the south of city , The Cornwallis monument is present, where the Governor general of India is burried. It is heavy structure with a domed roof supported on twelve Doric columns. the floor is some four mt. higher than the ground and is of gray marble. In the center there is a cenotaph of white marble , bearing on the south side a medallion bust of Cornawallis. In the mid of city there is a tank close to road known as Pahar Khan's tank. The Chihul Satun or hall of 40 pillars, this being the place where Abdullah Khan is buried in the garden known as the Nawab-ki-Chahar-diwari. The Gateway of the palace is handsome but the residence itself is dilapidated. Opposite the chihal Satun a road leaves the main street on left and runs in a north-easterly direction, past the Jami Masjid.There is a Math of Pauhari Baba , great saint of there time is situated 10 Km. from city.As the Ghazipur is situated on the Banks of River Ganges ,hence there are some beautiful ghats , like Mahadeva Ghat, Dadri Ghat,Collector Ghat, Massol Ghat, Chitnath Ghat and Posta Ghat. ChitNath is the oldest one among them.