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Atala Masjid Jaunpur
Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh, North India  was of great importance during medieval times. It was founded in the 14th century by Feroz Shah Tuglaq to perpetuate the memory of his cousin Sultan Mohammad whose real name was Jauna.

Jaunpur was also an important centre of Islamic studies which speaks of its architectural heritage.

Historical Places at Jaunpur, North India
Atala Masjid was started in 1377 but completed only in 1408 in the reign of Ibrahim Sharquie. This Masjid represents the earliest and finest example of Sharquie architecture, and conforms to the general plan of the orthodox Masjid. Its most distinguishing feature is the original treatment of the facade of its prayer-hall composed of three large ornamental archways, the central one of which soaring to 23 mts, is gigantic.

Jami Masjid,
Jami Masjid is the last great Masjid of Jaunpur and also it’s largest. The Jami Masjid was built by Hussain Shah in 1458-78. In plan and design it is a larger version of the Atala Masjid. The imposing structure, raised on a high platform, encloses a courtyard of 66 mtr by 64.5 mtr. The interior of the prayer hall is topped by a lofty dome.

Lal Darwaza Masjid,
The construction of Lal Darwaza Masjid, said to have taken place around 1450, is attributed to Bibi Raji, the queen of Sultan Mahmud Shah. It is built on a much smaller area than the Atala Masjid.

Khalis Mukhlis Masjid,
Khalis Mukhlis Masjid was constructed by Malik Mukhlis and Khalis in 1417.

Shahi Bridge,
Shahi Bridge was constructed by Munim Khan in 1568 this picturesque old bridge spans the Gomti river.

Shitla Choukiya Dham,

Shitla Choukiya Dham is the famous, ancient temple of Jaunpur and is dedicated to Shitla Mata.

Yamdagni Ashram,
Yamdagni Ashram is a religious centre; this ashram is closely associated with the life of sage Parashuram.
Other Places at Jaunpur
Other places of interest include Shahi Qil, Khwab-gah, Dargah Chishti, Pan-e-Sharif, Jahangiri Masjid, Akbari Bridge and the tombs of the Sharquie Sultans.

How to reach

By Air: The nearest airport is at Varanasi Babatpur Airport 38 km.
By Rail: Located on the Lucknow Varanasi : Mughal Sarai section of Northern Railway.
By Road: Jaunpur is well connected by road. 
Some of the major road distances are from Jaunpur
Varanasi - 58 km. Ayodhya - 142 km, Allahabad - 110 km, Lucknow 228 km, Gorakhpur - 166 km.